ACH payments are a common payment method in the U.S. and play an important role in the day-to-day operations of any business. Unlike card-based networks, ACH is a cost-effective and simpler option to manage. ACH payment enables the quick transfer of funds between bank accounts. If you’re seeking an improved ACH experience for a reasonable cost, Zil’s online banking platform is perfect for you. With Zil, you can enjoy the best checking account for all your business requirements. Keep reading to know more about ACH payment and ACH payment provides at Zil.

What Is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

You can move fund from one bank to another with an electronic fund transfer. In addition, the process goes much faster because there is no need for paper documents. This makes it easier to use electronic bank transactions than other ways to pay.

When you use a computer to move money from one bank account to another, this is called an electronic fund transfer, or EFTS. You don’t need any help from bank employees, and it can be done on your own. Since these are digital transactions, paper records aren’t needed.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Definition

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a network in the United States that lets people send and receive money electronically. ACH payments are made online and are a type of electronic payment. You are used to pay bills and make direct deposits. ACH is also used in business in a number of ways.

The National Automated Clearing House Association or NACHA runs the ACH network. With this network, banks can send money from one account to another quickly and safely.

Types of ACH money transfers

The automatic clearing house is used for two different kinds of payments. Both of these do the same thing, but you cost different amounts of money and take different amounts of time. Here are your names:

ACH credits:

For an ACH credit to be made, both the person who pays and the person who gets the money must agree. Once both sides of the authorization are done, the transaction can be done by hand or set up to happen automatically.

ACH debits:

With an ACH debit, money is taken from the account being paid. This means that the person who is getting the money starts the payment process (the payee). It is a common way for companies to get the money you are owed. When talking to customers, a business can use the terms “autopay” or “ACH” instead of “ACH debit.”

    Same-Day ACH

    Compared to normal ACH, Same Day ACH is the fastest. It lets businesses and people send money and have it processed and settled on the same business day. But most people get paid in the same way.

    By sending instructions, a bank tells another bank how to move a certain amount of money. The organization in charge of ACH, Nacha, has rules that all instructions must follow. The instructions are then sent to the Federal Reserve, which settles them by moving money between the master accounts of financial institutions.

    Advantages of ACH 

    • Convenience. 
    • Easier recurring billing. 
    • Preferred funding compared to checks. 
    • Fewer disputes. 
    • More secure. 
    • Environmentally friendly.


    • Slow process.
    • Limitation on the transfer amount.
    • Cutoff times.
    • Lack of International payments.

    ACH Transfer In Zil

    Customers can quickly move money between banks using Zil’s online banking site. As an official member of NACHA, Zil’s customers can use direct deposit ACH payments to make sure bills are paid on time, and client payments are collected. By logging in to the platform, users can easily link your bank accounts for free and make ACH transfers from a computer, tablet, or phone at any time and from anywhere.

    Open Online Account Instantly at Zil

    The online platform offers a business bank account to meet all your business needs. 

    • No minimum balance.
    • No accounts cost.
    • No hidden fees.

    This account is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Customers can use online banking service to make your business operations easier. In addition, the platform offers free check drafts, checks by mail, eChecks, and invoices.

    Benefits of Using Zil

    • All-In-One Platform.
    • Online Banking.
    • Physical Card.
    • Virtual Card.
    • Corporate Expense Card.
    • Multi Business Account.
    • Bank for Foreigners.
    • Get Paid Early.

    Opening a U.S. Bank Account From Anywhere In the World

    Customers can open an online checking account right away and enjoy the benefits of U.S. banking without having to fly to the U.S. You can also open a business bank account right away from anywhere in the world and move money around the U.S. quickly. Also, getting paid in U.S. dollars will help you avoid losing money because of the way currencies are exchanged.

    Lastly, you can give your customers different ways to pay so you are less likely to lose business. So that customers can quickly and easily open an online checking account.

    Zil’s online banking platform offers a range of options to help businesses manage your finances effectively. Zil, an online bank with top-tier ACH payments technologies, allows you to transfer funds to others easily and issue paper checks. Open multiple checking business accounts in Zil without any hidden maintenance fee and minimum balance requirement. With our easy-to-use platform, you can easily transfer funds and issue paper checks without hidden maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. So, why wait? Open an account and enjoy the benefits.

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