A payroll system can reduce processing costs and make paycheck access easier for employees. Payrolls may be needed for frequent travelers or distant workers without bank accounts. Direct deposits are cheaper but less beneficial for non-bankers.

Zil lets customer’s setup employee payrolls under one bank account and rapidly transfer payments. Payrolls are saving many firms money.

Payroll cards—why?

30 million Americans lack bank accounts, according to one estimate. Paying these staff is limited. Payroll cards are usually cheaper than processing and printing paper checks. They also handle lost or stolen checks.

Payroll offers additional benefits. They help employees budget and offer companies with expenditure statistics. Payroll may become more popular if customers abandon traditional banking.

Payroll Benefits

As part of their paperless payroll philosophy, firms have adopted payroll, a simple, fast way to pay workers.

Business owners gain from payrolls.

Paperless Checks

Many companies use paper checks, but they have hidden fees. Printing and distributing checks requires time, effort, and paper, envelopes, and ink. Considering the time and effort your account department puts into the process, this may be expensive. Payroll can save you time and a few bucks per employee every pay cycle.


Prepaid cards can be used for rewards, costs, and other payments and interface easily with current systems. If you have many workers with different pay periods, paper-intensive payroll might be difficult. Payroll cards can pay hourly, monthly, contractor, freelance, and other workers. Cards and instructions will be identical.

Satisfy Employees

Payroll cards improve employee payments, which is significant. People no longer have to wait in line to cash their paychecks. Employees are paid instantly on payday. Prepaid cards encourage financial inclusion and attract more applicants, especially those without bank accounts. It attracts candidates and inspires current employees by offering a more convenient payment method.

Avoid Fraud

Prepaid firms can reduce or eliminate check fraud despite its increased prevalence. Lost or stolen payroll cards can be readily cancelled and reissued. Payroll cards don’t contain bank account numbers or personal information as checks do. Mobile apps may use payroll cards digitally.

Zil makes payroll cards easy for employers. This cloud-based banking tool lets companies rapidly transfer payments to workers.

Zil lets companies establish payroll cards under one bank account. This lets companies rapidly transmit payments to employees. Employees will receive a tangible paycheck card for withdrawals. This efficient, easy-to-use solution removes paper paychecks.

Thus, Zil helps employers streamline payroll.

Zil Payroll Card Creation?

Zil makes payroll cards for employers in three simple steps.

Zil Bank login.

Select an additional company bank account and select Payroll Card.

Employee contact and ID information.

Employees will get accounts after ID verification. Zilbank.com now accepts phone numbers.

Zil may generate payroll cards for all workers as payroll cards become increasingly widespread. Payroll cards instead of checks save many companies money. Zil payroll cards make it easy to pay employees.

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