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May 25, 2022 | Banking

Banking is one of the booming services across the world. The nature of banks keeps evolving to improve efficiency, cater to customer convenience and simplify the banking process. The industry has changed from being all paper and hard labor to entirely paperless and artificially intelligent. Banks have transformed from mere physical banks to cloud banks, and Zil is a cloud bank that provides a seamless banking experience with many features such as free check drafts, checks by mail, eChecks, no hidden charges, virtual card, corporate debit card, and so on.

Zil offers online banking services like free ACH payments, direct deposits, and international wire transfers. Zil has no hidden fees, minimum deposit, or monthly maintenance fee, making it very convenient for customers. Additionally, Zil lets you apply for a virtual debit card that you can instantly use after application. It can be used to purchase goods from online merchants and used with merchants who have touchless transactions enabled.

A business has a myriad of transactions, both expenses, and income. For convenience, a business needs multiple accounts, and Zil can provide multiple bank accounts to the same business. Maintaining multiple accounts is a sign of financial stability, and Zil lets you maintain them effortlessly, thereby helping you maintain a positive image in front of potential investors. Zil also enables you to remotely open an account from any part of the world. You can also get your paychecks processed early by setting a direct deposit with Zil. Zil will be notified directly by the federal reserve once it processes payroll information. As soon as it receives information that the payment has been processed, Zil executes a direct deposit, giving you your salary in advance.

These features make Zil an excellent bank that caters to all your customer needs. To summarise, the benefits of Zil are:

  • Free check drafts, eChecks, and checks by mail
  • Free ACH payments, direct deposits, and wire transfers
  • Virtual debit card
  • Physical card
  • Multiple bak account 
  • Direct deposit of paycheck

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