When it comes to debit cards, traditional plastic cards are still the most common form of payment – but virtual debit cards are quickly gaining ground. If you’re tired of physical cards, virtual cards are the future of cards. Virtual debit cards are a convenient, safer alternative for everyday purchases. A virtual card can be a credit or debit card that exists only in digital form. It can be used to make purchases by entering an online PIN or manually entering your account information. Zil provides one of the best free virtual debit cards available on the market. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a credit or debit card used to make online purchases. It is not a physical card but a digital one that can be stored on your computer or phone. You can use your virtual card to make online payments and purchases from any store that accepts credit cards.

These virtual credit or debit cards work like regular debit cards, but you don’t need a physical card. They randomly generated 16-digit numbers, including a card verification number and an expiration date. The ease of use of physical and virtual cards distinguishes them. Get free virtual debit card instantly from Zil.

Working Principle

A virtual debit card is a card with a temporary or changeable number that is linked to a debit or bank account. The user can change the virtual number without getting a new debit card or bank account. A virtual debit card, like a regular debit card, draws money directly from the user’s bank or debit account. As with all virtual cards, the ability to change the card number can add an extra layer of security.

They are typically accompanied by a mobile app that allows the user to control them. Some virtual card apps allow the user to generate multiple virtual card numbers at once, or one virtual card number at a time, which the user can change at any time. The user may also be able to set expiration dates on card numbers or pre-pay a virtual card with the option for it to expire once the limit is reached.

Online payments and e-commerce frequently use virtual cards. To accept the cards, brick-and-mortar merchants must either accept digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay or be willing to enter the virtual card number manually.

Virtual card services can have extra features, like the ability to program a card to allow only one transaction at a time or to limit the use of a virtual card number to a single retailer. A customer, for example, could generate a card number solely to pay for their Netflix account.

What Is a Debit Card?

The money is taken directly from your checking account when you use a debit card. They are also known as “check cards” or “bank cards,” They can be used to purchase goods or services or to obtain cash from an ATM or a store that allows you to add more money to a purchase. Get a free physical and virtual debit card from Zil.

Why Virtual Debit Card Should and Should Not Be Preferred?


  • Virtual debit cards are ideally a fantastic low-risk alternative to prevent problematic occurrences like card loss, theft, hacking, or temporary misplacement.
  • Your virtual debit card information is securely stored online. A physical card can be difficult to manage.
  • Virtual debit cards are useful for both short- and long-term financial planning.


  • Your account must have enough money in it to pay the transaction, just like with any other debit card.
  • Before using a virtual debit card, you should pay attention to your budget.
  • Virtual debit cards have an expiration date, just as virtual credit cards, which makes it difficult to return items.

    Benefits of Using a Virtual Debit Card

    • Security.
    • Ease of use.
    • Spend control.
    • Improved tracking.

    What to Look for in a Virtual Debit Card

    • Ease of issuing cards.
    • Flexible spend control options.
    • Accounting sync and automatic spend tracking.
    • Integration with your existing software.
    • Support for employee reimbursement.

    Virtual debit cards offer many advantages over physical bank cards, including more control over spending, faster issuance, and greater security. If you’re looking for a free virtual debit card that offers all of these benefits and more, explore Zil’s virtual card today. With its flexible and easy usage, Zil’s free virtual debit card is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

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