With a Home Bank checking account, you can access your funds digitally and on the go. You can get access to your accounts on the go and have the option to set up an online bill payment. However, Home bank checking account charges money for opening deposits and additional monthly charges. Zil offers free checking accounts without any fees. The bank does not deduct any monthly service charges or account fees, and there are no minimum balance requirements. 

Zil: The Best Alternative for Home Bank

Zil provides a multitude of options for banking your money. You can get a business checking account with no hidden fees and enjoy free check by mail services and more. Doing the right thing in finance makes all the difference, and you can do it now! Moreover, the Corporate Expense Debit Card allows companies to keep an eye on their expenditures. Each employee from a team can own a card, and each payment is connected to the person to monitor the right team budget.

Features People Prefer from Home Bank

Banking was never convenient before. It was hectic, and Online banking helped to tackle this inconvenience. Home Bank offers Online Banking services that allow customers to access accounts at any place or time. It will allow you to keep track of your information and data without waiting for monthly statement mails. Zil is the best alternative for Home Bank, and you can open a bank account for free and you can start a free checking account with no minimum balance. In addition to that, you can transfer money instantly between Zil accounts and conduct ACH and wire Transfers instantly.

Benefits of Using Zil Over Home Bank

Zil offers you the best solutions for your banking needs. What makes it preferable over Home Bank are some salient features, including Zero monthly fees, zero minimum balance requirements, unlimited transactions, Zero overdraft fees, ACH, No ATM fees, Free physical check mailing, free digital checks, free email checks, free check drafts, free invoice modules and free bank. At the same time, Home Bank charges $100 as opening deposit charge from the customers.

Opening a Us Bank Account Anywhere in the World Made Simple

In the past, opening bank accounts in the US was not easy. With Zil, opening a US bank account anywhere in the world became simpler and manageable. You can now grow your business faster in the US by remotely setting up a US bank account. This will allow you to accept US dollars without losing any exchange rate for transactions. Additionally, you can offer a variety of payment methods to the customers to make business operations convenient and efficient.

Zil: The Best App to Rely on for Transactions

Online access to account information and bill payment has many pros, and it is available free of charge for your convenience through Zil. You can have your transactions wherever and whenever you want. Sending and receiving money as a freelancer, startup owner, or modern business owner requires many formalities to be filled out and looked upon. You can send and receive payments as quickly as an email or text with the ACH option provided by Zil. This will allow money to be transferred to any person, anytime.

Using a Home Bank checking account will allow customers to easily access accounts online and on their mobile devices, with the option to set up an online bill payment. This procedure requires additional monthly charges apart from those deducted in the beginning.

Is Zil a More Convenient and Flexible Option Than Home Bank?

Yes, Zil is a convenient and flexible option because of its no hidden fee and zero service charge policies for transactions. Online banking helps your business run and perform even more efficiently. Zil can operate and maintain your business account wherever you go, so you can keep track of your information without waiting for a monthly statement to be mailed. It is accessible to:

  • View balances, transactions, past statements, and cleared checks
  • Open new accounts, reconcile accounts, and transfer funds between accounts
  • Download account history
  • Online bill pays etc.

What Are the Advantages of Using Newfound Banking Strategies?

With these newfound strategies like ZilBank, it is easy to make deposits anytime. You can save time preparing deposits and consolidating funds anytime from remote/urban locations. Along with that, Online banks can save time and money by cutting the cost of couriers and trips to the bank. Also, this is the best way to reduce the risk of check fraud and other scams. It is crucial for businesses to conduct day-to-day financial operations to expand. If you are looking for ways to set your business plans in motion, Zil is your option to move forward!

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