In the world of global business, the ability to handle international transactions from anywhere in the world is a needed advantage. Businesses, regardless of their location, need efficient solutions to pay and manage expenses without the need to travel to the United States. Whatever hardships people may face while dealing with international transactions, ZilBank steps in, simplifying US payments for non-residents of the US and providing a hassle-free experience for all businesses in France.

ZilBank offers a quick and safe way to manage your finances right from France. With its user-friendly UI and innovative approach, ZilBank ensures that non-US residents can effortlessly pay vendors, transfer funds, and handle business expenses in the US market.

For entrepreneurs in France seeking to establish their financial presence in the US, ZilBank offers quite a simple process:

1. Define Your Purpose: Identify the reason for funding your US wallet, be it for educational purposes, business payments, medical expenses, or any other valid purpose in France.

2. Access the Platform: Download and visit the ZilBank app to initiate the account opening process.

3. Provide Necessary Documents: Open your account using your passport and submit the rest of the documents, including your local phone number, National ID, Driving Licence (if available), and the formation of the corporation document to

4. KYC Verification: Await the KYC (Know Your Customer) approval notice, which will be sent to you via SMS and email. ZilBank’s team will verify your identity, ensuring a secure and trustworthy transaction environment.

5. Upload Proof of Purpose: In the ZilBank app or web app, upload the necessary proof of purpose documents, providing the intended use of the funds.

Efficiency in Every Step

ZilBank’s efficient process ensures that small businesses in France can complete the procedure in under 7 minutes, saving valuable time and effort. For quicker approval, users can email their documents to and join the live chat for immediate assistance.

24×7 Support

ZilBank provides immediate assistance to users, who can have their queries addressed instantly by joining the live chat or emailing With complete support, ZilBank ensures that the users receive the guidance they need at every step of the process.

In the dynamic world of international business, ZilBank is the top business partner anybody needs, by offering a smooth and efficient platform for US payments all the way from France. And as a global plus-point, this feature is not limited to just France. Wherever you are across the world, ZilBank can help you achieve financial brilliance! ZilBank empowers small businesses and freelancers in France and other countries to join global business ventures with confidence. Now, no more stress of delays or safety issues – choose ZilBank and experience the future of international finance today!

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