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A checking account is a type of bank account owned and operated by almost all bank account holders. This account helps customers receive cash without many formalities. A checking account is a deposit account used daily by customers to manage their everyday transactions. An account holder can withdraw money from a checking account using an ATM or by writing a check. Zil Bank’s online checking account helps a customer easily withdraw money from their checking account. Funds can be withdrawn from a checking account if it has the required balance of money, and most banks charge a monthly fee for maintaining checking accounts, but Zil Bank does not charge a monthly fee for maintaining a checking account.

Open an Online Checking Account with Zil Bank’s Cloud Banking system to enjoy services such as ACH payments, Direct Deposit, Instant Money Transfer between Zil accounts, and wire transfers. Zil Bank offers free check drafts and checks mailing services. Zil Bank has no hidden fees, maintains a minimum balance, has monthly charges, or requires a minimum deposit to open a checking account.

Zil Bank offers a virtual card that you can instantly use after applying for it. The virtual card can be used to run transactions safely and securely, just apply for it and then add it to your smartphone or smartwatch to begin using it instantly. You can use the card to shop with any merchant who accepts Visa cards and have contactless payments. Zil Bank also provides a customized expense card to corporations to help them manage their employee costs. Businesses can issue multiple cards set for various expense limits to their employees and manage them as required.

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