Zil a Better Varo Money Alternative for your Business Needs?

Nov 9, 2022 | Banking

Online banking will be more preferred in the coming future, online bank provides more features than a traditional bank, and if you are looking for the best Varo Money alternative, give Zil a try. Open a fees-free checking account for your business purpose in Zil and see how this will improve your business finance for better. Both Zil and Varo Money provides checking account. Keep reading to know more about Zil online banking.

Why Do We Need an Alternative for Varo Money?

  • ATM fees are needed in the case of Varo Money, ATM withdrawals made outside of the network are $2.50 per transaction. Zil is not asking for any ATM fees when withdrawing from an ATM.
  • Varo does not provide 24/7 customer service, but Zil provides 24/7 customer service, unlike Varo.
  • In Varo Money external transfers are limited to $10,000 per month.
  • No checks, Paper checks are not given for Varo’s checking account. But you can use the smartphone app to send payments. Zil is also not providing a check like most other banks instead provides you with a check printing platform to print checks of any banks, and design your personal check.The platform provided is called OnlineCheckWriter.com.
  • Individual accounts, Varo cannot accommodate joint and multiple accounts you can’t open multiple accounts with Varo, but with Zil online Bank, you can open multiple accounts for your business purpose.
  • Wire transfer is not provided in Varo Money, you can’t do international or domestic wire using Varo Money, but Zil provides both international and domestic wire transfers, so sending money abroad is not a problem anymore.
  • Varo Money and Zil provide their customers with a debit card, after getting the debit card in Varo Money, you will not be accessible with the virtual card facilities that was provided earlier for the card use till they get debit card. But in Zil Money, you can still use the virtual card even after getting your debit card.

Why Zil is the best Varo Money Alternative?

Zil provides a pleasant and practical experience in a world of constant communication. With our online services, consumers can instantly access their money from any location at any time without having to wait on hold or for a lengthy period to receive assistance. Additionally, we offer ACH transfers for people who don’t want to write paper checks every month. Additionally, we offer wire transfer choices so your money can be sent swiftly across foreign boundaries without having to deal with all this annoying paperwork too frequently.

Payroll management is easy now thanks to Zil, our platform provides payroll management without any hassle. Our platform offers a payroll card and corporate cards, using Zil’s corporate cards is the ideal solution to control spending for your business. Instead of sharing a generic expenditure budget that might end up supporting anything improper or unforeseen, the new type of control involves each employee having their card and being directly tied to what they require for work-related charges.

Create invoice modules, send them online with a payment link, or print them for a physical copy. Digital checks and (eCheck) are provided in Zil you can send a digital check through email or ACH payment. Free check draft printing option and get all your bank data from one place.

If you’re looking for a Varo Money alternative, stop looking now. Zil’s online cloud bank is ideal for you. You can accomplish a lot with Zil from a single location. Your company will always have options thanks to your access to tools like payroll management and internet banking!

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