Zil Bank – An Alternative To Bluevine Bank

Jun 14, 2022 | Banking


Businesses are increasingly being run online, especially after the pandemic, more and more companies have shifted towards online banking. Bluevine bank is a Redwood, California-based online bank that offers customers business checking accounts. However, if you need to enjoy added features for an online checking account to support your small business enterprise, Zil Money is the best choice.

Zil Bank: An Alternative To Bluevine Bank

Bluevine Alternative Zil Bank offers a variety of features compared with other banks, including an app-based interface and the ability to make payments quickly and easily. Bluevine offers financing products for small businesses, including lines of credit, invoices factoring, and other services.

Zil offers a cloud-based online banking service that includes ACH and International Wire transfers. You can also set up an account without maintaining a minimum balance or paying any account fees. Zil’s business checking account offers checks by mail, eChecks, and invoices.

Features that are the same in both Zil and Bluevine Bank:

  1. Zero Monthly Fees
  2. Zero Minimum Balance
  3. Unlimited Transaction

On the other hand, Zil Bank offers many other features more than BlueVineBank:

  1. Free Outgoing Wire
  2. No ATM Fees
  3. Free Physical Check Mailing
  4. Free Digital Check
  5. Free Email Check
  6. Free Check Drafts
  7. Free Invoice Module

About Zil Bank

Zil offers our clients services that make it easier for small and medium businesses to use technology and security functions in online banking. This helps these businesses operate more efficiently.

The company’s goal is to make it easier for customers to pay their bills. They explore many options and experiment with many things to see what works best. They use technology that is new and helps people make money.

    A Small Guide To Zil Bank

    Zil is a cloud-based bank that provides online banking services for your company’s needs. A cloud-based bank utilizes secure and efficient technologies to deliver its services to you.

    Some of the common answers are given below:

    • The maximum cash withdrawal amount per day is $2,000.
    • The maximum cash withdrawal amount per transaction is $500.
    • The maximum number of cash withdrawal transactions per day is 25 transactions.
    • The default account limit is $10,000, want more then give a call or chat with their customer support team.

    Zil offers a free online checking account that is perfect for your business needs. You can sign up for online banking without any one-time charges or monthly fees. There are no hidden charges, and you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance.

      Other Benefits Of Using Zil Bank

      All-In-One Platform:

      Zil offers a one-stop solution for all your business needs. In addition to online banking, businesses can use features like ACH payments, managing payroll, and Check Printing on our platform. With Zil, you can also Pay and Get paid by eChecks.

        Online Banking:

        Zil’s online banking services can meet all your business needs. With instant money transfers between Zil accounts, and  ACH and wire transfers, you’ll be able to take care of your business transactions easily.

          Physical Card:

          A physical card gives you an easy way to make payments, and customers can use it to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop online and offline, pay bills, and earn rewards.

            Virtual Card:

            Customers don’t have to wait for their cards to arrive in the mail. They can apply for a virtual card and add the card to their smartphone or smartwatch and can use it. Virtual cards are a safe way to spend money. Customers can use them online or at any store that accepts Visa cards with contactless technology.

              Corporate Expense Card:

              Debit cards for business expenses give companies control over their spending. Each employee has their card, making it easier to track who paid for what. This also means that payments are attributed to the right person and the proper department budget.

                Multi Business Account:

                Zil lets customers open multiple bank accounts. This way, customer can organize their finances on a single platform. They can add accounts for all of their businesses or different purposes within their business. With Zil, they can transfer money from one account to another instantly. Plus, it will help them keep track of their banking records.

                  Bank for Foreigners:

                  Zil offers cloud banking for Non-residents of the U.S. If a person is a non-US resident looking to set up a business bank account, Zil bank helps you do it.

                    Get Paid Early:

                    Zil can help you get your paychecks earlier. You can set up a direct deposit with Zil and receive your paychecks two days before without hidden charges. That way, you won’t have to wait to get your money. Plus, getting your paychecks two days earlier than your payday will help you pay bills early. With our faster direct deposit, you will get access to your paychecks before they’re available at traditional banks.


                      In conclusion, Zil is a cloud-based bank that offers free transactions without any fees. The bank offers an accessible business checking account that doesn’t require a minimum balance or monthly fees. Additionally, Zil provides ACH and Wire transfers for its users.

                      Zil bank needs 48 hours to verify the documents the customer has submitted. In addition, customers can open a Zil business account for free, with no minimum balance requirement or opening deposits.

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