Nowadays, banks come and go, but thanks to online banking platforms, it’s easier than ever to find a fee-free banking service that gives you all the amenities you need. Are you a customer who was affected by the closure of Simple Bank in 2021 and looking for an alternative service that fits your business well?

Zil is an attractive Simple Bank alternative that really stands out and helps take the stress out of managing your money. Helping you live financially healthier by spending smarter, saving more, and building wealth are the primary objectives that Zil prioritizes. By opening a business checking account with Zil, you’ll get all the fee-free benefits you enjoyed with Simple, including no monthly fees and minimum balance requirements. In addition, Zil prides itself as not just standard payment software but as a financial tool that lets you print checks and open multiple business checking accounts for different business operations.

Zil offers so many more features and services than Simple ever did and places every customer on an even playing field with access to all their services and features. Furthermore, Zil offers a reliable online banking service that adds speed and ease to the entire banking experience while allowing customers to manage their money more efficiently.

4 Essential Features a Good Online Bank Must Have

Technology has brought some of the most dramatic transformations in the banking industry, altering how banks and financial institutions once worked. Moreover, you can accomplish a lot online and through mobile devices, these days, and banking is no exception.

The shape of the standard banking system is changing, owing to competition from the digital newcomers that are eating into their revenue streams. Digital banking and accounting services have grown to newer heights as more and more customers are looking for a faster, efficient, and secure way to do their business banking. Having access to your financial details and payment transactions 24/7 from the convenience of your own home provides you with new ways to help you save money and handle your monthly budget.

Curious about the most notable features one should look for from their digital bank?

1. Advanced Security & Fraud Alerts

With the recent surge in data breaches, cyber theft, and hackers, security has become the most vital feature to look for from a digital banking service provider. So, the top priority to look for in any banking platform is its security since there is an incredible amount of sensitive data processed every day. In other words, good digital banking software requires robust security features that go further than just signing in with a six-digit PIN or a password.

Customers should be able to feel confident and need assurance that their data is well-protected against any harm. Zil uses state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features like positive pay to ensure that all sensitive client information is well protected and there is no security breach. Zil offers services that can notify you of potentially suspicious activity on your account as it’s happening and enable users to have a safe online banking experience.

2. Online Bill Payments

Today, online bill payment has become a fundamental feature of any online banking software. Yes, many banks today allow you to set up recurring payments and reconciliation, but Zil goes one step further and gives you every essential tool in one spot online to stay on top of your financials. Additionally, a banking system like Zil will facilitate users to make transactions and monitor their account information on the go without the need to visit a physical bank branch. Online bill payments thus help centralize your bills in one place, so you don’t have to chase down separate payment accounts every time the need arises.

The online banking feature allows you to bank whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, almost all services you access online in Zil are free of charge. With a few clicks, you can complete various payment transactions, such as applying for ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payments, eChecks, and Wire transfers, to name a few. As an added perk for seamless transactions in this cashless era, Zil also allows you to access bill statements online for a more efficient and eco-friendly account management.

Some standard bill payment benefits include:

  • View your account and transaction history
  • View your account statement
  • Set up regular payments
  • Auto-reconciliation

3. Customer Service Options

The best digital banking platforms provide exceptional customer experience and assistance whenever the requirement arrives. So, to be the best online banking app, it is vital to have efficient customer service support. Nowadays, tasks that used to require a long phone call or multiple bank visits can be done online from a device available to you. So, providing the most personalized approach is the key to your success.

It is crucial that your customers have 24/7 support and can get professional consultation or advice anytime they need it. Don’t underestimate the importance of providing effective customer service and support to your clients, as it significantly contributes to user satisfaction since they do not have to wait for a long time to obtain the information needed.

With a reliable customer support service that makes it easier for customers to connect with the right personnel in case any issues transpire, Zil takes convenience to another level.

4. Digital Wallet

Gone are the days of carrying cash in your pockets. Zil offers virtual wallets to handle specific needs such as quickly transferring the funds and even checking the account balance. With the ability to integrate more than 22,000 financial institutions and banks, Zil makes it easier for businesses to transfer payments. In addition, users can pay with these online wallets simply by using their smartphones. So, it’s safe to say that digital wallets are one of the most innovative technological advancements in the modern banking era.

Nowadays, most people prefer to use credit or debit cards to pay their online and offline shopping bills. Using the digital wallet feature of Zil to make payments lets you check out faster and seamlessly. Not only is this a much easier and better way to transfer money, but it also keeps records of every transaction and guarantees the safety of all the information.

Summing Up

The banking world is changing rapidly, and boundaries between traditional and digital banks are constantly blurring. Zil has always been at the forefront of digital revolutions and offers a well-designed package with some ingenious and unique features that can directly impact your business. If you still can’t decide, do your homework on the various included services and features of Zil.

As always, no matter what you choose for your online banking needs, make a well-informed decision that aligns with your overall financial goals so that your business can attract new customers and get a competitive edge.

As you can see, there are many digital banks similar to Simple Bank, but the title for the “Best Simple Bank Alternative” can, without a doubt, be awarded to Zil. It constantly seeks new ways to improve the banking experience while also promising safety and convenience. In this digital era, you don’t have to go to the bank; sometimes, the bank comes to you.

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