A business needs a particular bank account that has been customized to meet business needs it will have on a regular basis, such as printing custom checks, conducting ACH transfers, managing payroll, making direct deposits, and wire transfers. Zil offers you a business account that lets you perform a host of services such as conducting free ACH transfers, international wire transfers, and direct deposits.

Zil’s business account is free to set up. It has no minimum balance requirement, and no minimum deposit amount is required to start operating the account. There are also no hidden charges or transaction costs. Zil offers an all-in-one platform where customers can print custom checks in a blank stock paper, make free ACH payments, manage payrolls, make or deposit eChecks, and send checks by standard mail at 1$.

The most significant benefit of Zil is that you can open a Zil account remotely from anywhere in the world. You can seamlessly move money within the US using a Zil account. Having a bank account with Zil enables you to receive payments in Dollars and enables you to transact without losing money due to exchange rates.

Another helpful tool that Zil offers to customers is its corporate expense cards. Using these corporate expense cards, the business can issue different cards to its employees with pre-set limits which will help businesses keep track of employee costs to the business.

Hurry! Open a bank account with Zil to enjoy benefits such as free custom check printing, direct deposits, international wire transfers, and payroll management. Zil allows you to open an account from anywhere remotely and provides a corporate expense card to keep track of employee expenses. Zil also has no account opening fee, a minimum account balance necessity, or any hidden charges. Open an account with Zil and start meeting all your business needs immediately.

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